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Piian Odor Control

The Leader in Industrial Odor Control - Since 1995



• High Pressure Mist Systems
• High Pressure Fog Systems
• Waterless Vapor Systems
• All Natural Piian Odor Neutralizer

With little or no upfront design, fast & easy installation, 

Piian products solve industrial odor issues immediately.


Odor Control Applications include:

Wastewater, Sewage, Landfills, Compost, Cannabis Greenhouses, Recycling, Rendering, Garbage Compactors, Trash Chutes and Waste Handling.

Piian products cost a fraction of conventional odor control alternatives, they are highly unique, industrial rated, safe, all natural and have been proven successful in a wide range of difficult industrial applications.

Since the start we have built a long list of satisfied customers, now in over 30 countries. We can provide multiple references to prove our products performance and our capabilities. 

Why Is Piian Systems Different?


  • Industrial quality products with industrial ratings at affordable cost.
  • We manufacture both the odor control system and our all-natural odor neutralizer in-house.
  • We have focused exclusively on tough industrial odor and dust control applications for over 20 years.
  • Our products include important features but exclude any unnecessary frills, they meet essential industrial specifications. They are capable of operating 24/7 in the toughest environments. They incorporate critical automation and maintenance reduction technology.
  • To further reduce cost, all systems are designed for simple "Self Installation". Only final site connections are necessary, detailed instructions supplied, only basic skills required.
  • We deliver unsurpassed performance, reliability and durability at reasonable cost. Our warranty is unrivaled at 10,000 hours of service.
  • Our "Factory Direct" sales program ensures we provide our superior quality products at the best prices and support you with a level of experience and skill that the others just don’t have.
  • ​Avoid unnecessary risk and waste by choosing a supplier with the depth of experience, level of skill and success that Piian Systems has acquired.

Complimentary Proposals

If your business or organization is experiencing an odor or dust problem, email or call us today. 


Our experienced technicians only need a brief description of your project and its challenges to allow us to work up a proposal. You will be quickly impressed by our customer service and technical knowledge. 

Consultations and proposals are always complimentary and without obligation. Please give us the chance to make you our next fully satisfied customer.