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Piian Odor Control


Systems For Property Perimeters

Problems caused by nuisance odors migrating over property lines and into adjoining neighborhoods have been compounded by property development, expanding into existing areas traditionally chosen for industrial operations. Complaints have escalated due to modern societies' growing intolerance of pollution in general.

Piian Systems developed a range of systems focused on addressing these issues. 

Our technology will solve odor problems at minimal cost where previously no practical solution was possible.

Piian Systems manufactures a water based high pressure mist system (also known as a fog system) to atomize All Natural Piian Odor Neutralizer along property boundaries up to 5 miles in length.

Alternatively, we manufacture a waterless vaporizing system to dispense All Natural Piian Odor Neutralizer in freezing and / or very high humidity environments allowing year round operation.

Our systems include advanced cost saving features. These include automatic wind speed and direction activation, data logging to record environmental conditions, and PLC system monitoring to manage maintenance and to report critical errors by SMS messaging.